Getting to Know the GoSwift App

In this guide, we will show you the ins and outs of the GoSwift App.

Chances are, you have had a chance to play around with the GoSwift App on your Android or Apple device. If you haven’t, please see see our quick start guide for basic setup instructions.

This guide will explore a more indepth look at the other areas of the app. Lets take a look at the main menu of the app. As you can see it has 7 sections:

GoSwift App

Lets discuss each section!

Sections in this guide


GoSwift App

GoSwift App

GoSwift App

The stream icon is an important feature that needs more explanation. When you click the stream icon, it will allow you to choose from 4 different options:

GoSwift App

Lets talk about the first 3: Main Stream, Sub Stream, Mobile Stream. Clicking on one of these options will change the video quality of the highlighted camera displayed on the App.

Main Stream: This is the highest video quality that your Camera can display. Please note that while this will give you the best video quality out of all options, it should also be used with caution as it requires the most bandwidth and CPU resources.

Sub Stream: This is a lesser quality stream that uses less bandwidth and CPU resources. While its not as high quality as the main stream, it may allow you to view more fluid video if you are having slow bandwidth issues.

Mobile Stream: This is an even lesser video quality stream and can be used in cases where extremely slow bandwidth is an issue.

Why would I choose one stream over the other?

It all has to do with bandwidth and processing power that your phone can handle.

For example, if you are in an area when your 4G or 3G signal strength is weak and you try to view the Main Stream, you will more than likely notice a lot of freezing and lagging due to the low bandwidth. Also your phone may not be able to process the video quickly enough to display a solid stream (especially on 4K cameras).

If you do experience these types of issues, we would recommend switching to viewing the Substream or MobileStream instead. While these are lower quality streams, atleast it will allow you to view the video more fluidly.

What causes bandwidth issues?

There are a few factors that come into play. As mentioned above, if you are viewing the video over a cellular connection, it could be because of a weak cellular data signal at the time.

Another factor that comes into play is the upload speed in which your GoSwift product is installed.

For example, if your GoSwift product is installed at your home, but your homes internet connection has a slow upload speed. You are at work and your phone is connected to your works wifi which is super fast, you try to view your GoSwift cameras main stream but you notice a lot of freezing. Your homes upload speed is the bottleneck in this equation.

If I choose to view the SubStream or Mobile Stream, will that affect the recording quality on my DVR?

Absolutely not. Your DVR will always record the high quality main stream. The substream and mobile stream is just an optional stream designed to be used for remote viewing where low bandwidth is an issue.

Lets move onto the 4th option.

Custom: We do not recommend using this option unless you are an advanced user in surveillance products as this option can affect your DVR’s recording performance.

This option allows you to change the resolution and bit rate parameters of the 3 different streams:

GoSwift App


Lets take a look at the playback screen so we can learn what each icon does:

GoSwift App

Here are the remaining icons on the bottom row:

GoSwift App

Lets take a look at the best way to retrieve video recordings and play them back.

  • Click the little DVR icon at the top right corner
    GoSwift App
  • Here is where you will choose what specific channels and days you want to view your recordings.
    • First you will choose the specific month and Recording Stream (more on recording stream below).

    • Secondly you will need to choose your specific channels (up to 4 maximum).

    • Lastly, choose the specific day you would like to view the recordings on. Only the days that have recordings will be displayed.

    GoSwift App
  • After you choose the specific day, a new screen will pop up. This lets you choose between what specific recordings you want to access.

    We recommend choosing "All" as this will show all of your recordings, including full time and motion recordings. However, if you only want to view the motion recordings, simply select "Motion".

    After you have made your selection, click "Confirm"

    GoSwift App
  • Congrats! Now you are viewing playback! Feel free to click on any camera square to view and control it's respective timeline.
    GoSwift App

App Recordings

This section allows you to view video recordings that you took while either viewing video in the "Live" or "Playback" sections of the app.

To access the recordings, please follow these steps.

  • Here you will see your list of devices in which you took recordings:
    GoSwift App
  • Go ahead and click on the device.
  • From here you will see a snapshot of the recording. You can do a couple things at this point. To play the video file, simply click on the file.
    GoSwift App
  • You can also choose to share the file via email or any of your other phone sharing methods. To do this, simply hold down (long press) on the snapshot.

App Snapshots

This section allows you to view snapshots that you took while either viewing video in the "Live" or "Playback" sections of the app.

To access the snapshots, please follow these steps.

  • Here you will see your list of devices in which you took snapshots:
    GoSwift App
  • Click on the device which will bring up a list of snapshots:
    GoSwift App
  • Click on the thumbnail image to bring up the snapshot. From here, you can share and delete the image. Also, there is a slideshow icon which will shuffle from one snapshot to the other.
    GoSwift App


This section allows you to have push notifications sent to your mobile device when your cameras detect an event, such as motion detection.

  • To turn on motion for your camera or DVR, click here:
    GoSwift App
  • Then click here to change the setting to "Push"
    GoSwift App
  • You should then begin to receive push notifications of events on your phone. Also, there will now be a list of notifications and the times they occurred in the notifications section:
    GoSwift App


This section allows you to add more devices to your app. There 2 ways in which you can add a device to your app.

To access these 2 methods, click the plus sign at the top right corner. The 2 methods are "Manual Adding" and "Online Device":
GoSwift App

Manual Adding

Online Device

This is another handy way to add devices. However, this method only works when your mobile device is connected to the same network that your Camera is connected to.

  • Once you click on Online Device, it will bring up a list of devices on your network. Simply select the one you want to add and then click "Add Device".
    GoSwift App

If you ever need to delete a device. Just swipe left on a device in the device list and click delete:
GoSwift App


Simply shows the GoSwift app version.
GoSwift App