Initial Setup

In this guide, we'll show you the basic setup and installation for your GoSwift security camera and the GoSwift Viewer Software.

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Power up your camera and plug it into your network

  • Use a POE Injector (Recommended)

    (TIP: For multiple cameras, use a POE switch)

    Initial Setup
  • Run a network cable from your router or network switch to your camera.

    Then using a 12V DC power supply (atleast .6 amps), run power wire from the power supply to the camera.

    Initial Setup

Download and install the GoSwift Viewer Software onto your PC.

Software can be downloaded from the following links:

GoSwift Viewer for Windows

Setup the GoSwift Viewer Software

  • Open up the GoSwift Viewer Program and Enter in your Product ID.
    • Your product ID can be found on the camera itself as well as the box, the ID is found near a QR Code.

      Initial Setup
    • Choose IP camera as the type of device to login to and enter the product ID. The default port is 7050. The Default Username and Password are admin / admin.

      Initial Setup
  • Click Login. Congrats you are done!
    Initial Setup