Getting an RTSP Stream from the Camera

In this guide, we will show you how to get the RTSP video stream from the camera to be used in 3rd party applications.

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Getting Started

There may be times in which you need to get the RTSP video stream from the camera to be used in 3rd party applications. While we cannot offer any support on how it is implemented into your 3rd party application, we can show you the basic RTSP URL stream needed to make it display.

For our example purposes, we will be using the free VLC media player to illustrate how this works.

First off, you can visit the RTSP URL from within the cameras GoSwift Viewer software. Here is a screenshot showing where it is located:

RTSP Stream

As you can see from the screenshot above, the RTSP URL is as follows:

Lets explain this more:

So lets use the above information as an example using VLC media player.

My cameras IP address is And I want to view the cameras Main Stream. Here is the URL I would use in this instance:

  • So I would open up VLC Media Player and go to the "Open Network Stream" option:
    RTSP Stream
  • I would then input the URL into the field and push play:
    RTSP Stream
  • It would then ask for authentication. You would simply input your cameras username and password here:
    RTSP Stream
  • And then BOOM! You got video:
    RTSP Stream

Viewing a Lower Bandwidth / Quality Stream

So lets say for example, instead of viewing the cameras high resolution main stream, you would rather view a lower bandwidth lower quality video stream. In this case you would use the URL’s to view the cameras substream or mobilestream instead:

Viewing an Anonymous Stream

Viewing the cameras RTSP stream without the need to input a username or password is also possible. While this is less secure of an option, this may be a better option for you if you are trying to code the stream into a webpage for example.

To do this, you simply turn on “Anonymous Login” as this will prevent the need to input a username and password after you input the RTSP URL:

RTSP Stream


If you are getting freezing or lagging video. First try starting with the cameras mobile stream to see if that improves that aspect as it may be a simple bandwidth issue.

If you are not getting any video at all, you may need to switch the cameras encoding to h.264 as some video players have trouble decoding h.265. To do this go here:

RTSP Stream