This is just a general overview of the playback section and its various options. For an instructional guide on how to operate playback, please see our "Viewing Playback and Exporting Video" guide.

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Accessing Playback

To enter into the playback section. Right click anywhere on the live view screen and click this icon:

HDMI Interface - Playback


This is your main playback screen. The first thing you would need to do is to select a date in which you want to view playback. The days that have a red line on the calendar are the days that you have recordings:

HDMI Interface - Playback

Once you click on a day, push the play button to start seeing video:

HDMI Interface - Playback


This is a very useful playback feature in which the screen shows you thumbnail images of videos for playback for a particular channel.

This is very useful if you have something stolen or tampered with and you can sort through the thumbnails to see exactly when something went missing or was removed. Its most useful when sorting through the motion only events:

You would simply double click on any of the squares to initiate playback:

HDMI Interface - Playback

Sub Periods

This is a very cool playback feature that allows you to playback a single channel on 4 different video squares, all at different time segments. This can be very useful to see different events happen at different times of the day and allows for very efficient playback viewing.

After you select your desired channel for playback, you will notice that the 4 squares are divided into 6 hour quarts of the day. For example, square one is the first hour. Once you click on square one, it will show 2 timelines, the 24 hour one at the bottom and right above it, is the 6 hour square for that segment of the day:

HDMI Interface - Playback

So moving on, I highlight the second square and the timeline switches to the 2nd 6 hour segment of the day:

HDMI Interface - Playback

And so forth...


This displays all of the snapshots you may have taken when viewing live:

HDMI Interface - Playback